Side Gate

(Costa Mesa)

            This gate was built for a maxillofacial surgeon located in Costa Mesa, CA. There were a number of challenges during this particular build. First of all, the entire back yard had a constant moisture problem with poor drainage and ground water building up from the planter sprinkler system(s). This affected the gate area because as we dug down to build the footing, we hit water! But, with some quick engineering, we were able to install a number of French drains that were capable to driving the excess water to the street gutter. 

            Next, the type of composite wood that the client requested the gate be made out of is called TREX. It’s very heavy but really resists weathering and looks great. Therefore, we built a custom frame and figured out how to construct the gate in a way that would hold the weight and fit the custom space. The client loved the result so much that they also hired us for pressure washing the entire roof, outside of the house, walkways, and driveway as well as painting the entire house and installing new landscaping in the front yard.

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