6 Construction Industry Trends to Expect in 2018


            At the beginning of every year, the home improvement and design site Houzz conducts it's annual U.S. Kitchen Trends Study, providing an insightful look at what recent design trends are currently popular homeowners. This years' study includes findings from a survey of 1,734 U.S. Homeowners

about their recent or planned kitchen renovation projects.

            The majority of homeowners surveyed prioritized storage over all other functions of their kitchens, according to the 2018 study. Storage, at 63%, trumped other priority uses for homeowners in the kitchen like easy to work, play, and live (38%), to entertain (32%), or to clean (32%).

            Homeowners are remodeling their kitchens to add more storage and organization, such as with recycling baskets, cookie sheet and tray organizers, revolving corner trays, deep drawer organizers, and pull-out or swing-out trays and shelves. This falls right in line with some of the projects we've worked on recently here in Newport Beach, CA. that include requests for hidden or pop-out storage – especially in pantries.

            Homeowners want to show off their countertops. It’s the most common major feature upgraded during a kitchen renovation and most commonly splurged-on item, the Houzz survey finds. Further, engineered quartz has become the most popular countertop material choice, overtaking granite - 43% versus 34%, respectively.

            To add more storage and counter space, nearly two in five homeowners surveyed said they are adding kitchen islands.

            “Our annual kitchen trends surveys reveal that consumer preferences for products, design, and technology vary not only across urban, suburban, and

            Other popular kitchen design trend we've seen taking hold the last year include the use of black cabinetry, open shelving, and brass accents. Also, in keeping with the 'less is more' philosophy of design, we've also seen fewer pendant lights being utilized to reduce clutter (especially over islands) and less hardware 'bling' – opting instead for flush mount or integral pulls on cabinet doors.

            The average amount spent on a major kitchen remodel—which includes replacing at least all of the cabinetry and appliances—for a 200-square-foot or greater kitchen is $42,000, according to Houzz. A major remodel of a smaller kitchen averages $25,800. These costs can vary greatly by area, and especially here in Orange County, CA., can be much higher depending on other factors, such as kitchen size, age of the home, luxury features/materials, and home proximity to the water.

            If you're a buyer looking to save money and/or maximize your purchase budget, be sure to check out 4 Homebuyer Remodeling/Renovation Strategies That Save Money                     then use these survey results as a guide for planning out your upgrades to stay ahead of the design curve.

Like we always say – finding the right remodeling partner and planning out your project correctly from the start is the key to success. As a homeowner, you can rely on Innovative Craftsmanship, Inc. to be well versed in the latest design and construction trends in order to understand your needs/wants and handle your project with a level of knowledge and integrity that is unmatched in the industry.


About The Author

            Clark D. Brooks is a General Contractor and CEO/owner of Innovative Craftsmanship, Inc. - a full service home remodeling, renovation and construction company located in Newport Beach, CA. From planning and design, to completed construction and finishes, ICINC has the manpower, skills and knowledge to complete your residential or commercial project on time and within budget. When Clark isn't assisting others in designing and building their dream home project, he can be found assisting in his community. In the rare event he finds time to himself you might find him going to a classic car show, racing at the track, or working on one of his classic muscle cars.

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