Water Closet

(Newport Beach)

            This bathroom section was a continuation of the first bathroom section on the same property in Newport Beach, CA. The home owners made some unusual requests with this build and a number of things had to be customized to make everything fit within the water closet.

            Firstly, the client wanted a modern duel low-flush toilet which actually had to be customized because the 60-year old iron drain pipe beneath it was five inches off center! Next, they wanted a nook to be installed behind the toilet. Definitely a challenge because there were a number of galvanized air vent pipes in the way. All of which had to be moved to accommodate the tile nook. Furthermore, if you look closely at the before photos you can see writing all over the walls that guests had left over the years. The home owners wanted some amount of those classic sayings saved, so ICINC recommended that we build a custom chalk board with print outs of the sayings and place frames all around the board. They loved the idea and it all came together in the end.

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