Office Furniture Build

(Newport Beach)

            This build was for a client located in Newport Beach, CA. They called us because, like so many other individuals, they were having a tough time finding anyone who was able to give them exactly what they were looking for. ICINC built the desk, file cabinet, and shelves to perfectly match the alder doors that they had just refinished. The biggest challenge with this build was the fact that the door coming into this area was a pocket door! Meaning there were no support beams behind the main shelving area above the desk, and the home owner specifically stated that they wanted to place books on them. Well you can fit quite a lot of books on a 60” shelf, so ICINC had to customize these shelves to be bullet proof and be capable of handling the weight. Also, to let you know, the nine individual pieces that we built contained a birch wood substructure, an alder wood veneer, and were coated with Polyurethane about five times. The finished product was great and they loved it!

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