Masonry (Block Wall)

(Newport Beach)

            This build is part of a very extensive remodel located in Newport Beach, CA. ICINC had been contracted to actually update the entire property from inside to outside. The most difficult part of this build really revolved around the 10 layers of paint over a 60-year period that my men and I had to strip. We first tried pressure washing, but the paint was so thick it was taking forever! We resorted to using a 7” angle grinder with a diamond blade to grind off the paint first and then finish up with pressure washing. 

            Additionally, the original installers did not mortar all of the joints on the side(s) of the bricks, so we had to fill those in one by one to make them as sealed as possible. Next, we installed about 65 pre-cast wall caps to the top of the block wall and painted it from end to end with outdoor masonry paint (spray gun). You can also see that we demoed a massive bougainvillea plant on the left-hand side that definitely put up a good fight. The final result was awesome and everyone passing by (as well as the home owners) complimented us on the great work.

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