Landscaping & Masonry

(Newport  Beach)

            This project located in Newport Beach, CA is one of a kind and certainly needs to be discussed due to the many complexities of this specific build. The home owner at this 1959 Mid-Century modern home has made a number of requests that ICINC has been meeting time and time again. The planter in this build is located on the left front side of the property next to the garage door. It gets a lot of foot traffic/attention, so the client wanted it to be unique. 

            So, our first challenge here was building an additional cinder block wall to attach to the existing brick wall that had been there for almost 60 years. Then, we had to cover the new wall and two other areas of wall with mica schist stones. Done and done. Next, we had a request to make the stunning mailbox you see here. Yes, we designed, engineered, and built the entire brick frame around the metal mailbox and even added some LED’s under the roof lip to add some luminescence to the area at night. Follow up the mailbox with some irrigation, finished planter walls with black bullnose bricks, and some water conscious plants and you’ve got a finished product. The client, and their mailman, loved the end result!

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