Masonry (Stairs)

(Newport Beach)

            This project is located in Newport Beach, CA and definitely needed to be separated from the other projects going on at this job site. Reason being is that this project presented a whole bunch of challenges that ICINC had to solve. Right off the bat we had a restriction from the block wall to a massive city in-ground high voltage fiberglass box. Therefore, our steps had to be a certain distance from front to back. In addition, the maximum amount of step “height” for any residential step in California is 11”, so we had to make each step less than that amount as well. Next, it was very tough to get the shape of each circular pad because could not use a perfect circle due to the two restrictions we had (electrical box and max step height). So, given all of these parameters, ICINC was able to engineer and design steps that looked fantastic, met the minimum and maximum requirements by code, and were built to last a lifetime (check out all that rebar reinforcement). The client’s loved the end result and we couldn’t be more proud.

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