Roofing & Sun Deck

(Newport Beach)

           This was the next roof that ICINC was contracted to repair at one of the main job sites in Newport Beach, CA. It presented an unimaginable amount of challenges to us, but we were up to the task. First of all, this roof had been leaking for about 15 years. It had to be ripped down to the joists in order to be repaired. Unlike the other two roofs we repaired at this property this one was specifically going to be used as a sun deck. Therefore, we had to pitch the roof by using a unique process that created a shim that was 1/5th the weight of the other shims on the other roofs, but had the same strength and pitching capabilities. Also, we had to reinforce all four corners of the roof because the owners eventually want to put a 800 – 1,000 pound pergola over this entire area. 

            Moreover, as you can see from the photos, the glass “windows” leaked badly. Termites, sun, and water had devastated this area for years and needed to be completely replaced. We tore it out and actually added about 20 additional square feet to the area by squaring off the roof. Finally, we added a plumbing vent pipe extension on the roof that had actually been cut off by another roofer! Along those lines, the former “master roofer” that “repaired” this section about 10 years prior had removed the blocking in between the joists. What this means is that ICINC had to add in each piece of blocking in between the ceiling joists (you can tell pieces these are because of their dark brown color). From a structural standpoint this allows the roof to be a solid piece instead of wiggling, twisting, or rocking out of place. Any engineer would tell you that this should always be included in any roof build. So, after a lot of work and some elbow grease, we got this roof repaired, sealed, and ready for use as a sun deck.

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