Roofing Over Garage

(Newport Beach)

            This build was done at a property in Newport Beach, CA. Unfortunately this roof had been leaking for a number of years and the home owners finally decided to have it fixed. An excellent choice to contract ICINC as it was in dire need of replacing. Flat roofs always present a number of challenges when installed during new construction, as well as with being repaired. After we demoed this roof completely we had to pitch the new joists from right to left. In fact, we wanted to ensure that there was a low chance of water “ponding” on top of this flat roof so we pitched it 3” (more than current code requires). We also added three new skylights for additional light inside the garage and replaced the flashing, caulking, and rain gutters surrounding the roof. This type of roofing is called modified bitumen or “torch down” and is great at repelling water if installed properly.

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