Back House Siding

(Newport Beach)

            The client on this build in Newport Beach, CA wanted us to strip the majority of the back side of the property and rebuild the siding which had been leaking water and air for a number of years. It was a tough challenge due to the height of the scaffolding and the fact that nothing on the back side of this house was straight! The two windows on the left were original to the house from 60 years ago, so they were replaced with new dual pane vinyl windows. Moreover, this side of the house literally had no insulation: it was a scorcher in the summer and freezing in the winter. We stabilized the temperature inside the master bedroom, bathroom, and office by at least 15 degrees and we’ll be able to do an even better job once we remodel the inside. It took about three weeks to complete this project (due to inspections) but once it was done it was a great way to increase the properties energy efficiency and functionality.

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