Attached Storage Unit

(Newport Beach)

            This build was completed in record time by ICINC in Newport Beach, CA. The homeowner primarily stored holiday decorations and family valuables in this section of the house, but wanted it to be sealed and a heck of a lot cleaner. There were numerous challenges we faced on this project from a sewer pipe being discovered, to the concrete walls being anything but straight. In fact, we actually had to make a graph for the entire back wall that included about 120 pressure treated custom made wood shims to make the room straight! 

            Also, the footing to the property did not extend very far into the ground so it had to be reinforced once we dug down to the storage unit’s new ground level. Furthermore, this space had to have termite damage replaced and had to be completely insulated. As you can see from the photos the overhead lights actually had to be flush mounted because the new plastic boxes we chose went right up to the ceiling. We even went so far as to purchase the new plastic tote boxes beforehand and built the room to fix three boxes wide and four boxes high. The clients couldn’t believe the transformation as we’re proud of the result!

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