Free Standing Storage Unit

(Newport Beach)

            ICINC was hired to build a custom storage unit for the side of this property in Newport Beach, CA. To let you know, storage units are readily available at many retailers from Home Depot to Lowe’s and others. But, no storage unit was going to fit on the very narrow slab on the side of this house. So, after many, many calculations and measurements we were able to design, engineer, and build this unit for the home owner’s household repair items and tools. The biggest challenge with this build was the sheer weight and the fact that we had to literally walk it around the opposite side of the house, around the back, and up a hill on the side where it was going to reside. It took 6 men to lift and walk this beast into position, but we got it done! The entire structure is built with pressure treated wood (termite proof), bonderdized metal flashing, and primarily galvanized screws. The clients loved it and it even has hard wired fluorescent lighting for their convenience.

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