Indoor Waterfall

(Newport Beach)

            This build was completely custom designed, engineered and built by ICINC in this mid-century modern home in Newport Beach, CA. The client gave us the run down on exactly what she wanted and we made it happen. The original design actually called for water to be in the entire basin, but we decided not to do that due to potential moisture problems and the additional building expense of waterproofing the marble floor substructure. But what we did do was figure out how to customize a pot to be transformed into a waterfall catch basin!

            In fact, this entire set up is driven by simple switches. There is never a need to fill or drain the system. The switches control the incoming water, flow control, LED’s, and drainage which is all self-contained within the walls and basin. There weren’t any instructions with this build and we literally had to invent it from scratch! The wall panels behind the waterfall are plastic individual panels (about 18” x 18”) which were seamed by us to appear as though it is one large panel. The client’s love this elegant water feature and constantly show it off to their friends and neighbors.

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