Qualifications & Certifications

            Now the above link can be used to verify the validity of our competitor’s licenses as well. We strongly recommend you check the status of any company or individual claiming to have an active license. Whether it be a general contractor, electrician, plumber, roofer, etc. Not only can the person claiming to have a license be fined and charged with a misdemeanor, the home owner can be liable if they knowingly hire an unlicensed person to do work requiring a certification!


Next, how about we display our active general liability policy:

            Furthermore, feel free to check the validity of our active worker’s compensation insurance policy by clicking the button below. 

           Now not to scare anyone, but just like having a license, it is against California state law for a construction company to be operating without worker’s compensation insurance. If anyone is claiming to have an active worker’s comp policy, use the link above to check the validity of their claim. If a construction worker is on your property, doesn’t have an active worker’s comp policy, and gets hurt, you may be liable for damages! Don't risk losing your home, business, or livelihood by allowing just anyone to perform construction services on your property. Enjoy peace of mind and trust that ICINC is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured General Contracting firm. Click the button below to increase the odds that you’re hiring the right professional.

            We think it’s about time to provide you with some information that’s a little on the lighter side of serious. Below is a copy of the warranty that ICINC offers to all its clients (big and small). This workmanship warranty is good for a 10--year period and displays our commitment to our much appreciated clientele. Few construction companies even offer a warranty (or much less back it up if an issue ever arises) but you’ve got to know that ICINC is in a category all its own!

            So how about those "supposed" financial and insurance certifications? Well proof of those can be found below, framed and all…

So there you have it ladies and gents. All the claims about our credentials are true. Feel free to send us an email about scheduling a call back or book an appointment online to have us get started on your project today!

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            Here at ICINC we believe in our team’s diversity through the vast quantities of experiences we’ve all had separately as individuals that we can now share as an organization. Yes, Mr. Brooks has his General Contractor’s License, but as a unit we all bring something different to the table. Lets start off with providing you, our current and potential clients, with a quick link to check the validity of our GC license. Click the button below to verify.