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            Welcome to the official expanded services section of ICINC’s website. Below you will find more specific areas of expertise that our company offers and/or builds on a regular basis. As you will see we cover a wide variety of services, and ultimately everything needed to complete you project from start to finish.

            All of the services below are primarily self-explanatory, but here we would like to expand on the one unconventional amenity that ICINC offers to its clients: financial planning for your project. So what does that really mean? Allow us to explain…

            As you may have read from the “Our Team” tab, the CEO and owner of ICINC has a finance background from his Boston University degree as well as from being in the financial services industry. In other words, an advantage in the building process that other construction companies may or may not possess. They might be able to offer this service, but unlike ICINC, they would have to outsource this benefit to be capable of offering it to their clients.

            That being said, if you contract ICINC to build your project, we offer free financial assessments to evaluate non-conventional ways to fund your project rather than paying all cash.* Cash is king, but not everyone is ready to throw down an all cash offer for their dream home. Moreover, financial products such as home equity lines of credit, small business loans, construction loans, personal loans, or credit cards are just the start of the various ways we help our clients.

            Not enough, well then how about we examine the best ways to mitigate your tax implications from drawing funds from your retirement accounts?** Accounts such as Traditional, Roth, Stretch, or SEP IRA’s, 401(k)’s, or 403(b)’s that contain investments such as annuities, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, ETF’s, Equity and Fixed Annuities, Certificates of Deposit (CD’s), or investment real estate can all be utilized to properly fund your build in the most efficient manner possible.

            Still not enough, you’re killing me! Well then, the last few glimpses of our capabilities can even go so far as to examine life insurance contracts, Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRT’s), 501(c) organizations, or the liquidation of non-real estate assets.*** Non-real estate asset liquidations like selling that spare car you no longer need after the kids move out of the house after college (well it’s supposed to happen anyways). Or that complete set of antique furniture in the garage or storage unit going no where fast. You can imagine the possibilities! These are the types of things that make ICINC a force to be reckoned with. Furthermore, take the time to  see our Mobile Workshop below, which is also a testament to our abilities to deliver finished results.         

Our Mobile Workshop

"The  Right Tool For The Right Job!"

            So, ever heard of a mobile workshop? Not to sound presumptuous, but yup, we figured as much. Funny thing, we never even knew it was even possible until we saw a massive need for this tool in the construction industry. Gone are the days when contractors have to make seven trips to Home Depot or HD Supply throughout the day. Forget running errands while losing precious build time due to a lack of tools or fasteners. With ICINC you get ruthless efficiency, in large part, due to every man being on the job site at all times. This bad boy is loaded to the max (literally, there is a maximum Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) we can’t exceed). We’ve outfitted it with an abundance of tools that cover over 300 trades within the construction field. As we’ve said time and again, we are a one-stop-shop for all your construction needs and our trailer displays that very element of our industrial power.

            And don’t forget, the cabinets on the right-hand side of the trailer house over 10,000 fasteners. Every type of fastener under the sun from screws, to nuts, bolts, washers, nails, electronic components, pipe fittings, shims, brackets, pins, and more. If you take ACE Hardware, The Home Depot, and Tool Depot all rolled into one, this is what it would look like! Our trailer also comes with electricity, fluorescent lights, cleaning supplies, compliance postings, a computer docking station, battery chargers, and much, much more. Everything a growing boy (or in this case business) needs to serve its clients to its maximum potential. Now onward and upward…

Our Services Expanded

Financial Planning For Your Project
Foundations & Concrete
Framing & Structural
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"We had Clark and ICINC come by the house to do a number of major plumbing repairs including the water main coming into the house. We thought we'd be out of water for days. He and his team were so knowledgeable they had a number of major leaks fixed within a couple of hours and had us back up and running! I couldn't believe it. Thanks ICINC!"

Dave & Tasha - Costa Mesa, CA

Masonry & Hardscaping
Decks & Outdoor Living
Pools, Spas, & Waterfalls
Custom Builds
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"Innovative Craftsmanship, Inc. is a great company! When we wanted to have our front yard landscaped but we were having a really tough time finding the right company or general contractor. Someone who could design and make recommendations as well as do the plumbing, electrical, flagstones, irrigation, and plants. These guys were on top of everything and in less than a week we had a beautifully landscaped front yard and entryway. Thanks for all your expertise and hard work!"

Sergio & Caitlin - Los Angeles, CA

Fencing & Gates
Smart Homes & Networking
Finish Work
Windows & Doors
Pergolas & Awnings
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Entertainment Centers
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*Minimum project values may apply to receive this service*

**ICINC is not a registered broker-dealer or affiliated with FINRA, the SEC, or any other financial regulatory authority in any way. Financial advise is intended to discover the best ways possible to fund your construction project. It is advised that you still consult with your tax professional or financial advisor for verification**   

***Minimum non-real estate asset liquidation values may apply for this service to be offered***

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Kitchens and Baths 

As you consider the return on your investment on your home, rest assured that these two rooms represent the most “bang for your buck.” Whether you’re planning a remodel or designing a brand new house, Innovative Craftsmanship, Inc. can meet your needs, and exceed your expectations, when it comes to kitchens and baths.


Whether you’re upgrading an investment property, or want the kitchen or bath of your dreams, it’s going to take  serious design and project management to maximize your effort. Innovative Craftsmanship, Inc. has you covered in either case. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen. We’ll handle your entire kitchen or bath project from start to finish, and put your mind at ease. Moreover, you will have a single point of contact throughout. No need to schedule the architect, plumber, electrician, and the painter.

All you have to do is pick up the phone, make the call, and have one of our project managers transform your dreamscape into reality, while you can rest assured that the jobs is in good hands.